Friday, September 11, 2020

Dwight Arrives

It was twenty-one degrees by ten in the morning yesterday, and my mid-afternoon it was thirty-two. What an awesome day for Dwight to come visit!
Around noon, my new keyboard arrived. Finally! The old one had many damaged keys; I’d procrastinated forever about replacing it. Typing is a lot more efficient now!
Also, around noon, I fell of a stair onto my deck, banging a hip on the ground and my head against a large ceramic planter. Boom! I fell about ten days ago, too, on the Sunday dog walk. I don’t like it, but I’m impressed with my resilience and relieved because on neither occasion did I suffer any body damage.
Dwight arrived at three—in the full heat of afternoon. He was hot and thirsty on arrival; lucky for him, I had cold beer in the fridge. I showed him around a bit and then we sat around and yapped until it was time to go to the local pizza store to fetch a nice big juicy pizza. (No dieting today!) Then, we watched Pan’s Labyrinth and went to bed.
I thought he would be leaving this morning, but he’s not! He’s staying until tomorrow morning! Hooray. I’m not certain what we’ll all today, but I don’t care really. One thing, I know, is that we’ll walk down to the local beach and we’ll drive around to some local farms to see what they have to offer for sale so we can make something nice and fresh for dinner.
It’s going to feel a little lonely tomorrow, I fear, after Paula and then Dwight’s visits. It’s been really fun having them here; they are both highly compatible friends. No doubt, I’ll get back to working on the boulevard. Come Tuesday, rain is predicted and that may mean seeding the area of my yard that I landscaped this summer can be seeded.
One thing about being solitary again is that I can get back to restricted eating and weight loss. The Plum tart was delicious, though, and having meals and happy hour with friends on the deck every day has been joyous.

RIP Dianna

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