Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Harvest Time: Storm Comin'

Monday involved just walking and reading. It was a lovely day and today is predicted to be just as great, but tonight, a change in gunna come!

The Narrow Road to the Deep North is the worst book to read in that it’s full of human atrocities—a major focus of the novel being on the protagonist’s, a medical doctor, experience in a prisoner of war camp. But it’s excellently written, so I’m loving that aspect of it. I’m almost finished it now; more books await me at the post.

Our second walk yesterday, in the warm and welcome sunshine, was a joy. The sweet fragrance of the forest at this time of year is particularly lovely. 

The new radio for my studio is here. I’ve to pick it up at the post office today, and whilst in the village, I’ll do some shopping. When I get back home, I’ve to dismantle my new plastic greenhouse and harvest my profoundly immature Marijuana because tonight the first storm of the season is due to arrive. It’s supposed to be a big storm! We’ve had a weather alert about the impending wind and rain, warning us that we may have power failures between Duncan, just south of us, and Comox, to the north. However, it's going to be much worse for Vancouver and the west coast of the big island our west.

Today’s task is a new and different one for me: I’m going to sweep my house. I’ve to go ‘round the house with a broom to sweep between all the logs that form my exterior walls. There are sixteen logs to my walls. I’ll also sweep all the door and window frames. Between the logs is a refuge for spiders and so they build their webs, many of which become abandoned. Today, they all go!

And so, Autumn begins….

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