Sunday, September 6, 2020

Plum Harvesting Today

Saturday morning was, as I told you in my last post, cool and dark. So, I went outside and got a ton of twigs and small branch bits from the area I’m clearing and lit a fire. By eleven-thirty, the sun was out, and by noon, it was hot again outside and I opened the doors to let warm fresh air inside the house.

I spent the day clearing the ‘wild’ part of the front yard. This job will take weeks because the area is large, and I work gently. But the result is worth my effort. For one thing, all that I leave will get much more rainwater. And it’s tidy when I’m done. 

As I was taking a load of detritus to where I stack all my forest fall, I noticed an Apple on the ground. It had fallen off my tree. So, I retrieved it—it is quite small—and ate it. It was absolutely delicious. That’s a first! 

One thing I loved in Europe was the curtain of ribbon that people would hang in their open doorways to keep the insects and birds out. Well, I ordered a bunch of plastic tape in different colours that I’m going to use to make such a curtain for my studio windows and doors. It will stop birds from colliding with the glass—and remind me of wondrous journeys past.

I quit early to take Her Highness for a long walk. It was so warm and lovely that I didn’t want to work. A forest walk was just the ticket for a nice quiet Saturday afternoon.

Paula wants to come here on Tuesday. She booked her flights but botched the booking. She’s going to try to fix that today. And Dwight’s coming on Thursday. He’s coming on an e-bike he’s renting and he’s riding back on Friday. I always have lots of fun with Dwight; it’ll be great to have him visit. I’m extra happy when people can visit during such fine weather. That way they see this island and my home and yard at their best.

This morning, I’m skipping the Sunday big dog walk. I too often have trouble on the Sunday walks because there are so many people and dogs. Last Sunday was a horror, so I’m walking with Her Highness on our own and then we’re going to Doug and Gisela’s where I’m going to pick myself a bunch of Plums of their trees.

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