Tuesday, September 15, 2020


I walked with Paula and Dwight when they were here instead of with my usual trail mates, Regina and Di, so it was nice to be back with my usual dog walking friends yesterday.

I don’t mind the smell of the smoke in the air, oddly enough. It reminds me of my childhood when everyone burned their leaves and pruned branches, filling the air with the scent of burning wood. And of camping, which was a highlight of childhood.

When I got back from the walk, I tidied up the studio. I really enjoyed doing that because it’s such a lovely space and now it’s ready for me to use this Winter and for Jess and Todd if they want some privacy and to sleep together there when they are here in two weeks. 

Then I seeded and watered the fruit tree area. Then, as I was putting things away, it started to rain. How awesome is that? My new lawn is off to a great start! I get excited thinking that soon there’ll be lawn where there’s only ever been shattered sandstone rock and weeds. I’m terribly glad it’s done.

I loved doing the work because this time—as opposed to when I did the front yard two years ago and when I did a huge part of the backyard last year—I had confidence. The front yard isn’t a great lawn; I’ll touch it up next year. But the backyard is excellent! I’ve learned from my experience!

I did laundry, I did a big grocery run and started putting my garden furniture away, and the day flew by. I took Sheba for a late second walk and then had dinner, watched television and turned in early.

It’s foggy/misty this morning, but the air has no smell. And the cloud/smoke cover must be thinner because it’s much brighter than it has been for the past two days. I’ve a bit more seeding to do and Mulligatawny soup and Greek salad to make today. And …

I wrote to Doug and Gisela and asked if I could pick more Plums, but they’re all gone. Instead, they’ve offered me as many of their magnificent Apples as I want, so I’ll make my Plum cake recipe, but with Apples for Jess and Todd’s visit next week. I’m going there this morning.

My other task for the day is cleaning and tidying my closets.

From Patsy
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