Thursday, September 24, 2020

Storm One: Wave Two!

I was glad to squeeze a short walk when the rain stopped yesterday morning. We had drenching rain from three am until nine. I was happy for all the plants that I’d transplanted on Tuesday and my emerging lawn. I scattered fertilizer under them to soak in during the coming waves of rain.

I desperately longed to bake yesterday. That’s what I’d normally have done on a stormy day like yesterday. Instead, I sat by the window periodically to watch the wind blowing the branches about. It’s very pretty and dramatic. There was enough wind to create a great display but not enough to make the Fir trees too far much for my peace of mind.

I de-leafed the Marijuana plants, being very careful not to damage the colas (buds). It’s the kind of finicky work I adore. It took forever! Now, I’ve hung all the de-leafed plants hanging upside down in the dining room; they’ll go into the studio after Jess and Todd’s visit.

At three-thirty the sun came out. I guess the first wave of the storm has passed. Five more days of it are predicted. Bad timing for Jess and Todd’s plan to come here; I’m prepared to hear they want to postpone. Sheba and I went for our third walk of the day because I wanted to be outside in the heat of the sun.

In the evening, I watched Enola Holmes on Netflix. Candy floss, exquisitely done. I loved it a night indoors by the fire.

Yesterday I ate more than I have in ages and I haven’t weighed myself for days. I’m still very keen to get my weight down more, but yesterday I just kept snacking after weeks without. I only ate healthy stuff, but I ate quite a bit. Today: Restraint!

This morning, I was awakened by the sound of torrential rain at five. It sounded like we were living beside a train track. I got up, got dressed and went out for wood. When its super stormy outside, I want a fire on! Of course, the rain stopped as the fire started roaring in the fireplace, but I’m glad to have a nice dry home on such a day. 

By seven, it was still dark out and pouring again. Sheba scratched at the door, I let her out and she immediately turned around and came back inside. She did that twice before I urged her out during a respite from the downpours. 

Then … a miracle! Suddenly the sky started clearing. I went outside and man-oh-man is it wet. The trails will be rivers and lakes today. But the sky has turned bright and there are huge patches of blue to the west. The second wave of this storm seems to be passing as I post this today. It no longer looks and sounds like the apocalypse.

Still, it’ll likely be a day spent indoors—and that’s okay because I have something fun to do! The plastic tapes I ordered are here. They’re in five electric-bright colours with which I’ll be making the outdoor curtains I want for the studio windows and doors. (These curtains will prevent birds from hitting the windows.) I’ll be working in my nice clean studio listening to the CBC on my fabulous new radio with a small fire lit. Hooray! 

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