Monday, September 21, 2020

Yay Daniel Levy

Yesterday afternoon, on a lovely walk with Her Highness, I realized how much I think about food now that I’m eating so little of it each day. At least while I ponder edibles, my hands can do other things: I did a little gardening yesterday—very little—and a lot of reading. I also made my favourite Thai sauce and baked some Chicken. 

Fred and Ethel are certainly happy that I’m spending more time indoors. They’re very chatty and follow me around from room to room. But when I perch to read, one or both of them are on me right away and welcome my attention. 

Sheba is content to let them have me when I’m reading; I assume it’s because I’m so absorbed by my book and don’t pet her. But if the television goes on, Sheba owns the couch beside me, and the cats flee to the chaise longue in front of the fire.

Late yesterday, the clouds rolled in. They seemingly verified the forecast for a wet week beginning today, but this morning I awoke (at four am) to find clear skies (and a rat in the bird feeder). This morning’s dog walk will, thankfully, be dry.

The best part of yesterday: Grinding fresh spices. The smell in the kitchen was heavenly. I ground Cardamom, Nutmeg and Allspice seeds to get lots of fresh powdery spices and mixed them with ground Ginger and Cinnamon to make a spice mix that I’ll use to make an Apple cake for Todd and Jess.

I watched the Emmy Award telecast. I hadn’t intended to, but when I heard that the first seven awards of the night went to Shitt’s Creek, I tuned in to the delayed broadcast and enjoyed seeing the Creek team take such deserved joy and pride in their accomplishments. Yay, Daniel Levy!

And then, last night, I went to bed on my new mattress topper for the first time. It has been fluffing up in my studio since it arrived four days ago, and yesterday I put it on my bed. It was divine. I felt like I was staying in some expensive and swank hotel.

Today: No plans at all except to do more reading and walking with Sheba.

When I moved here, it took forever to lose the feeling that I was in a lodge and that soon I’d have to go home. It took a long time for this place to feel truly like home. I reckon it helped to do all the landscaping, because Pinecone Park certainly feels like home now.

In two weeks, I’ll celebrate my third anniversary here; I’ve just begun my fourth Autumn on Gabriola. 

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