Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Peel, Dice, Repeat

It was brighter yesterday. I felt great all day, thanks to the periodic sunshine and absence of smoke. But it was misty, though. Just good old fashioned water vapour. 

I took a large bag to Doug’s to pick Apples. They throw a lot of fruit over the fence to feed the Deer, they get so many, so I did not feel guilty filling up my bag. They were delightful, so happy to see Sheba, and gifting me not only with Apples, but with Raspberries and Beets.

When I got home, I went in for more Grass seed and finished the seeding of the fruit tree area. At one-thirty, the sun came out and it was wonderfully warm. It was Summer again! I loved being outdoors and so warm after a few smoky days inside.

I used eight bags of seed on this latest patch of land—a hundred and eighty dollars for seeds of Grass! I’ve finished the entire job now, including fertilizing the entire field. Then a quick walk with Her Highness before climbing into the spa for a good long leisurely soak.

I spent the evening peeling and dicing the Apples to freeze them for baking I’ll do this Winter. I kept enough, fresh, to make an Apple cake for Jess and Todd next week.

The weather forecast is grey with smoke and cloud. There’s little sunshine predicted for the coming week, but we’ll likely get better weather than is anticipated—that’s my experience here. It’s pretty ideal weather for germinating a new lawn!

Today will start with a dog walk with Regina and Di, and then I’m taking a bunch of stuff to our recycling co-op. Other than that, I have no plans except more peeling and dicing of the Apples from Doug and Giesla’s and I’ll do some rearranging of the shed to make room for the garden furniture.

My outdoor wooden chairs and table are showing their age already, after just three years, so I reckon I can prolong their lives by keeping them in the shed for the Winter.

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