Sunday, September 20, 2020

Big Trail News!

Today is likely to be divine, but the coming week is likely to be cloudy/showery. Thank God for good writers of literary fiction.

Good News Department: The Nanaimo Regional District (NRD) is starting work this week on a sidewalk from Tin Pan Alley through to the western edge of our village. That means I’ll soon be able to walk from home to the village with Sheba safely, going the whole way on forest trails to the new sidewalk.

Next summer, I reckon Sheba and I will use the new trail network and sidewalk to go into town for a lunch and then wander back for a nice outdoor adventure together. I reckon it’s a forty-five minute walk each way.

I’m with Barbados!

I last mentioned my weight this past Monday. Since then, I’ve lost two pounds. I’ve decided to eat more (but sweets only occasionally) after I lose just eight more pounds. That’ll take less than a month. Once I do that, I’ll have shed forty-one pounds over four months and weigh one seventy.

I’m really doing over the studio. I inflated the double bed and put a memory foam mattress topper on top, and the linen, before I walked her Highness. And now that I’m back, I’m going to get down on my hands and knees and do a thorough cleaning of the floor and Sisal carpet. It’ll soon be all set for Todd and Jess who come next weekend. They’ll be able to cozy up by the fire.

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