Saturday, September 5, 2020

I Won!


Friday was another hot day. I did some watering when I got home from the dog walk, and then I went into the village and got four Rhodos to plant in the area of the front yard that I just cleared. I’m addicted to planting. But that’s it! I’m done for this season. I have all the Grass seed I need for the area I’m going to landscape when the rain comes.

At the nursery, I met a couple who were positively giddy that they’d bought a Palm tree. They were like new parents; they needed to talk out their excitement, and they picked me. They moved here eight weeks ago from Nova Scotia. They packed up all their belongings and drove across Canada to live on Mudge Island, which is even more remote than Gabriola, but right beside us. 

They were taking their Palm on their truck to the south end of our island where they will load it onto their skiff and ferry it over to Mudge. Like me, they feel they are living in Paradise. They told me things about Winter in N.S. that surprised me; no wonder they think they’re in Eden now.

It was a beauty of a day for Croquet, if a bit hot. But it was great fun! 

In the evening, I watched Young Wallander on Netflix. I quite liked the Wallander series; this is a prequel, again set in Sweden, but this time in English. It’s decent. Bonus: The lead is always taking his shirt off.

Today, it’s cloudy (so far). I’m slowly making my way outdoors to work on the front yard. It’s just not as much fun under a canopy of thick cloud. But it ain’t rainin’.

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