Thursday, September 10, 2020

Paula: Day Two

It sure is fun to have guests when it’s over thirty degrees under spectacularly clear skies. Yesterday there was smoke in the air from the forest fires in Washington State, but the smoke appears to have blown away overnight. It’s supposed to be in the thirties again today and tomorrow, so Paula and Dwight chose the perfect week to visit.

Paula brought a bag of donuts and I’d baked the Plum cake, so there was a lot of temptation in the air in diet land. I could not resist the cake; it is spectacularly delicious. I am going to see if I can pick more plums at Doug and Gisela’s and freeze them so I can make many more of these delicious cakes during Covid Winter #1.

I proposed to Paula, yesterday morning, that we go to Nanaimo for an adventure as one option for the day. I gave her other options as well, but she really liked the idea of a walkabout, so we caught the eleven-twenty ferry. We visited the famous ice cream store (but didn’t buy), a great kitchen store and meandered through the old town before heading for the docks to go to the floating Mexican restaurant for fish tacos.

We got home around four and flaked out. Sheba went to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day and night. I made us dinner, we ate, we watched a little TV and then we both went to bed early.

I’ll be taking her back to the sea plane this morning at ten-thirty and when I come home, I’ll do some quick tidying and get ready for Dwight’s arrival around two o’clock.

Paula’s visit has been excellent, all ‘round, and the big reason is the weather. We were inside at night, otherwise, the entire day was spent outdoors. Another factor: She came here to do what is best done here: Nothing.

I’ve had welcome guests come to stay, who have suggested we undertake a trail walk together and yet never commented on a single thing seen on the sojourn. Paula is not like that. Each day was sprinkled with comments on the beauty of nature and this island. She really enjoyed her stay and the relaxation it provided.

I did all the cooking, driving and cleaning. I did all the dishes, too. I ensured her two days here were all about luxury. She’s suffered some mighty blows from her own family during the passing and after the death of her mother, to whom she was devoted. As a result, she has to keep working and sees no end to that, so I enjoyed making her feel appreciated.

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