Tuesday, September 29, 2020

To Parksville

I have sinned. I indulged and savoured the sweet slow slide of spiced Apple nectar down my grateful throat. Thrice yesterday, I succumbed. I am weak but I am happy! Have I learned my lesson? No. I look forward to sinning today—before I go, and when I return from, Parksville, where I'm going to see Dana and Norman. They are two theatre friends from way, way back, but I met Norman in 1950 when I was two-and-a-half. The three of us go way, way back to the early days of the Arts Club Theatre.

Monday morning at five I stepped outside and into Halloween. I was greeted by the call of a huge (and startled) Owl that was in the tree above me, and in the distance, illuminated by my flashlight, I saw two eyes reflecting light back at me as their owner quickly scurried away.

We went on the morning dog walk with Regina and Di yesterday morning, and in the afternoon, Her Highness and I walked across the island and down to the south end. It was a great way to celebrate a stunning day together.

In the evening I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. What a fascinating show! The speakers are all incredibly eloquent, but the clear “star” of the film is an incredibly bright and articulate young man named Tristan Harris. Listening to him, I discovered how sexy intelligence can be.

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