Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Season Four: Storm Number One

Tuesday was a gorgeous, warm and sunny day. I spent part of it preparing for the arrival of the storm. I tested my generator and moved it into position for a power emergency and got all my extension cords at the ready. I put kerosene in the lanterns, candles in all the holders and moved the barbeque into the porch in case I have to cook with it. 

I harvested the Marijuana plants and hung them up to dry in my shower cubicle. (They’ll go into the studio once Todd and Jess, who come this Saturday, leave on Sunday.) And I chopped kindling for the fires that will sustain my spirit whilst the wild howls and rains pour down.

When the full force of the storm hits today, and the coming waves hit us later in the week, I’ll see if my “garage tent” stays in place and if the repairs to my roof hold. I’m optimistic: The tent is well lashed and the dry porch is bone dry this morning—so far, so good! 

I loved every second I was outdoors yesterday, knowing that this week of storms was coming. I put a bed full of Strawberry plants into the compost and moved my Blueberry plants (yet again) into the cleared bed where they will get more sunlight next season. These little garden tweaks make me very happy; every plant has its best place. I littered the ground under the Blueberry bushes with Strawberry plants

It was a good day and lots of calories were burned. In the afternoon, Her Highness and I went for a nice walk on a favourite trail that’ll now be a series of lakes. So, it was a day to savour the dryness and quiet of the forest before the arrival of the storm. Mid-afternoon, the clouds started rolling in.

I’m ready to read my way through this wave of storms. Two more books arrived, just in time for the deluge. 

The Vancouver Opera Company is presenting a digital four-opera season. They are presenting four chamber operas and I’m subscribing! Access is only a hundred bucks.


“It” arrived at three am. This storm is a pussy! It's brought heavy rain but only gentle winds and it's still nice and warm. I’ve been up for two hours and it has been very noisy. The rain has been pounding down on my metal roof, but I’d left twigs and kindling in the house yesterday, so I lit the fire first thing this morning when I got up. 

It’s wonderful when the rain stops, and it becomes silent again in the house (except for the sound of the music on the radio). I bailed on my friends this morning; it’s just too, too wet to go walking for an hour. The trails will be rivers and lakes. H.H. and I will walk between waves of downpour.

I’ve got to remove all the leaves from the Marijuana plants that I harvested yesterday, and I’m going to light a fire in the studio and so some organizing and more cleaning in there today. I’m really looking forward to having the new radio to listen to whilst I’m working—and to crafting again this winter in there.

The rest of the day will be spent reading. And if the rain stops, I’ll jump in the spa. I've no sense at all that there'll be a power failure today.

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