Friday, September 25, 2020

Curtain Begun

I had a fabulous day I had yesterday. It was sometimes sunny, often cloudy, but it remained bright and warm, so it was pleasant between showers of rain. 

What made the day great was spending it in the studio. I cut, glued and wove plastic tape until one o’clock. I really had fun. It would have been quick and easy to simply hang long strands of single colour ribbons, but what I’m doing is way more fun.

The photos, below, are of half of the curtain that will conceal the studio’s double glass doors. It’ll hang, of course, outside. Weaving and gluing the top—replicating the top of Maypoles from my youth—is the part that takes the most time. But what fun!

In the afternoon, I had a particularly long spa, Sheba and I had a good walk and I moved all the assembled ribbons from flat on the table to hung on the wall so I can use the table for the second half of the curtain. But today, I’m busy with preparations for Jess and Todd’s visit.

I’m going to Nanaimo this morning after the dog walk for some supplies. I won’t be working on the curtains except to do a little more of the horizontal weaving. I think the curtain is going to look fabulous when it’s done. It’ll add colour to the backyard. Of course, I’d rather not have them—they’re plastic. But I found four dead birds one day beneath my studio doors and windows this past summer, and so these curtains are essential.

Of course, after the absolute high of yesterday, came a bit of a crash today. My mood is vulnerable to the frustrations of life—frustrations like weighing the same for a week in spite of a prisoner’s diet and the glue not drying on the ribbons I put together yesterday. It may take a long time because the plastic is not porous.

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